Frequently Asked Questions

What does a home stager do? 

A home stager is a design professional who assists a realtor and/or homeowner in identifying a home’s strengths and accentuating them. The stager will offer advice and recommend services to enhance the marketability of the home.


Does home staging really work?

Several studies show that home staging helps homes sell faster and for more money than non-staged homes.

How do I know if I need home staging?

Every home can benefit from a staging consultation or full stage. Empty homes, in particular, benefit because staging helps buyers visualize how to place their furniture and understand the size and function of each room. 


How much does home staging cost? 

Home staging can fit any budget. While some investment is required, it will come back to you when the home sells faster and for top dollar.  We can stage your entire home and outdoor space or limit the staging to particular rooms.


Do I have to stage an entire home? 

No, but consider the overall image that will be presented to potential buyers.  Remember that any obvious contrasts between staged areas and non-staged areas may highlight negative aspects of the home.


What rooms should I focus on staging? 

Experts agree that main living areas sell a home. We recommend focusing on all living areas and the primary bedroom. Additionally, you should address any room that the future homeowner may find challenging to furnish.